How Does NAD+ Therapy Enhance Overall Health?

  • Has the potential to extend human health span and lifespan
  • Helps with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Essential for energy metabolism
  • Crucial for DNA repair and immune cell function
  • Helps to maintain tissue and metabolic hemostasis, promoting healthy aging
  • Aids enzyme function

Why is it Important to Maintain Appropriate NAD+?

  • Low levels are associated with the development of many ageing-related diseases such as:
    • cognitive decline
    • cancer
    • metabolic diseases
    • sarcopenia
    • and frailty
  • Reduced NAD+ levels can disrupt metabolic processes, potentially leading to various health complications such as obesity
  • Obesity can progress the development of diabetes and result in chronic high blood pressure

Can Adverse Side Effects of Low NAD+ Intake be Reversed?

  • Restoring NAD+ levels can slow down the progression of many aging-associated diseases
  • Often, in some cases, restoring NAD+ levels can even reverse the development of age related complications


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